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OHS risk management

Employers are legally responsible for the safety of their emplolyees and others in the workplace.

We can help you to meet your responsibilities and minimise the cost of workplace injuries by developing and implementing a risk management system tailored to your business. We can also assist at any stage of the risk management process, including workplace risk inspections and specialist advice to assess your risk and identify cost-effective controls.

OHS risk management involves:

  • Risk identificiation - identifying hazards and problems and working out what could happen and how
  • Risk assessment - evaluating the probability and consequences of injury or illness arising from exposure to a hazard
  • Risk control - implementing procedures, training and physical changes to eliminate or minimise risks
  • Monitoring and reviewing your systems and the actions taken to control risks

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OHS Training

Contact us or email an enquiry to discuss our tailored risk management training for your managers/team leaders, or manual handling training to help minimise risks of injury from manual handling - a common cause of workplace injury.