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OHS auditing

Our occupational health and safety audits measure your business' health and safety management systems to determine your level of compliance with relevant legislation, codes of practice or standards.

Desktop audit

Our desktop audits look at your health and safety documentation, including your policies and procedures, training records and incident reporting system, to make sure you comply with standards and legislation.

OHS system audit

An OHS system audit will look at your entire system, including your documentation, and measure how effectively it is actually being implemented. A comprehensive gap analysis can be provided with recommendations to help you address any areas of non-compliance.

We have the knowledge and expertise to conduct a range of OHS audits including audits against:

  • Australian or Industry Standards including AS/NZS 4801 and 4360.
  • legislation and regulations
  • self insurer standards in each state
  • codes of pratice
  • your own system

We can also help you to address issues raised by a desktop or system audit and implement recommendations. This may include further development of your OHS management system or policies and procedures to help you comply with required standards.

Contact us or email an enquiry to discuss your audit needs.